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Why use hydroponics
What are the advantages and disadvantages to using hydroponics and growing indoors?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to gardening indoors using hydroponics. Let’s start off with some of the advantages:

Bigger, Better, Faster

Growing hydroponically allows for bigger, healthier plants that usually grow faster and produce more fruit. When growing indoors and using the proper lighting, most plants will go from seed to flower in as little as 3 months or less.

Harvest fresh fruit and vegetables year round

Since you are growing indoors with the aid of artificial lighting, you can decide when to grow. You are not dependent on the seasons to decide when you can plant and harvest.

Total Environmental Control

Too hot in your room – vent out your light. Too cold - add a heater. Too humid - bring in some fresh air. Indoor gardening allows you to provide optimal conditions for your plants to grow in. Being indoors also helps avoid mold, pests and other adverse creatures.

Ease and Simplicity

Hydroponics is actually derived from Greek meaning “water” and “labor”. Hydroponic systems do all the work for you. Simply set the timer and the system automatically delivers water and nutrients to the plants.

There are also a few disadvantages to gardening indoors:


Gardening indoors is more expensive than traditional gardening. The initial costs are much more significant and maintenance costs will also be a factor.


Hydroponic gardens will not take up all of your time, but you will need to pay more attention to the system then you would to plants growing outdoors. You will need to check your pH frequently, change out your nutrients once a week and perform general maintenance on your garden to achieve optimal performance.



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